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Strange Energy
Strange Energy
     Strange Energy is the mysterious force that is released from Lithobonium ethier right before it explodes or when it explodes.Very little is known about Strange Energy.All that is known is that it can do anything! For exaple: It could strink you, turn you into a giant, fuse you to rock or tree, change you gender, realine the compuonds in your body, turn energy into matter and viseversa, stop time but not space, grant you powers of an unbeliveable powerful being, or simple do nothing at all. While it is unknown how strange energy can do this or why it even exists, a few things can be certin. There is no way to tell what strange energy will do. It can become any other form of energy. It brakes every rule about reality, anywhere. It is actuly visable to the naked eye. It does have a physical form that acts likes a liquied but it is not matter.
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Nova's Bio
Name:Nova Ray Levitas
Race:Human/Lightning Elemental???
Skin color:white(human form)Eletric blue and jet black(other form)
Hair color:eletric blue
Eye color:eletric blue(human form)Pure white(other form)[but can be varies in other form.]
Accent: German
Other characteristics:Body made of pure living lightning in other form.can transform into Human or other form at a moments notice.(mostly by mistake.).Has short hair.
Nova Ray Levitas was a solorian sciencetist working on a massive Dimentional gate project.Dr.Nova was sent to Felarya when he was 17 years.He is a brilliant man with an intelligence unlike any one else in Felarya.
Nova was send to make a sorce of energy to power a massive dimentional gate out of "hyper energenic matterals"and a substance only know as Lithobonium.He later found out that the "hyper energenic matterals" where really powerful stones of magic.When asked about what happend to him,he goes rea
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Lithobonium (pronounced Lith-O-bo-nee-um) is an extremly unstable and energetic substance.Lithobonium only occers natruly in stars,and only lasts for 1/1,000,000,000,000 of a nano second under normale condistions.One oz. of Lithobonium can  theoretically
produce 1 quintillion(1× 10 18 )joules of energy.It is formed normaly in the core of stars larger enough to go super nova.Lithobonium can exist for a long peiod of time when surounded by an intence magnatic field.When electricfied,Lithobonium will not explode ,but will perfectly fuse anything together.(For example,if lithobonium ;AFTER being eletricfied;spills between bare skin and metal,it will fuse the metal to your skin and the medal will peramently became part of your body in that area.).Lithobonium can fuse anything together,even energy to matter.(example: light fused to skin, a super strong magnatic field to a person,ect..).When two or more things are fused with lithobonium,all of the propoties of all the matterals
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He watch's me. He knows I'm typing about him. He knows that I know about him. I am aware that nothing can hide within his line of sight. He knows that I cant beat him. I know that there is nothing in this mortal world that can actually harm him, or even kept him at bay. I know that there is nowhere on this planet that I can hide from him. Even my own memories offer no safety. Anywhere where you see his name he can appear. Reading his name even once is enough, and I am aware that damn well nearly ever human being on the planet has read something with his name in it at least once in their lives'.

Yeah, as you can tell, I've been reading TOO many damn creepypasta's as of late. So much in fact, that I decided to write my own. Though yes, I am aware of the fact that this journal entry most likely will not be read by anyone else; or if it is read, then no one will comment on it. But hey, got to give it a shot, right? Anyways, for anyone reading this, if you got any links to a good creepypasta or two, please send me a link in the comments section.


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